Let’s Know Short Story About Hanuman.

Bihar’s population is close to 20Cr with disproportionate demand and supply with real and wider Gap in underserved geography of Bihar. As the founder’s belong to Bihar and have huge emotional and empathetic connect with their own people they began Hanuman from Patna in 2020. Hanumancare app is a robust app designed in-house based on integrated platform offering one stop solution for all health issues. The gap analysis was done pre- COVID in Dec 2019 to manage the actual crisis struck, this crisis became a challenge with the limitation of government support and preparedness, thus our solution turnout to be most viable, tech savvy and user friendly solution. We successfully managed to bring 500+ ambulances, India’s lead diagnostic centers like Pathkind, Thyrocare, Apollo diagnostics on board with 200+ test and a band width of 125+ trained paramedic to serve entire Bihar. Hanuman offers home nursing, home ECG check-up, home Emergency First Response, Post-Surgical dressings, nebulization, insulin administration, ECG check-up, fetal Doppler and also offer end to end Home / corporate ICU set ups for Covid / Non Covid patients and cremation (if needed).

Gap Identification

India is world’s 2nd largest highly populated country, Indian Healthcare sector I highly fragmented it lacks systematic, well defined and systematic solution; Healthcare is facing tremendous challenges with highly unorganized and opaque monopolized rates depending on the urgency and need of the customer. There are is huge gap with lack in state of the art infrastructure, less emphasis on preventive care and early diagnosis, catastrophic healthcare cost is an important cause of impoverishment in India. Covid Wave 1 & Wave 2 has been an eye opener and derived a need for the founders to start a health-tech called Hanuman. The App will help book all services from home and connect customers from rural areas to accessible check points and hospital facilities, it also provides authentic and filtered data with comparative rates from registered vendors for customers to choose their preferred test centers and services. After wave 2, Hanuman is the most popular app accessible by Bihari’s across the world to extend support for their families.

Success Stories

We served in Covid Wave 1 & Wave 2 across Bihar, during wave 1 laborers walked down from various states of India to Bihar, and the government facilities were not equipped to manage such a high volume of patients, with a limited team we managed to serve our customers by educating and empowering them with hygiene and precautionary measures in the pandemic. Recently during the 2nd wave Hanuman received more than 20k+ calls and served more than 35% of customers across Bihar who called for help in an emergency, each phlebotomist collected 100+ RTPCR samples on a daily basis from customer’s residences with 24 x7 home nursing and home paramedics, oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators on a rental basis, medicine delivery, patient examination, doctor’s teleconsultation, Hanuman is popular among NRI & NRE’s through word of mouth as “Hanuman – Brings Sanjeevni to life.” Apparently, Hanuman is receiving good traction across Bihar and now serves for ambulances across Delhi NCR, Mumbai & Jharkhand.

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